Hurricon 2016 Space Hulk/Deathwatch Overkill

Players stand victorious after successfully Purging the Xenos!

Overview with room locations identified

Convention Program Description:
The Space Hulk identified as the “Pestilent Host” has dropped out of Warp threatening Imperial Space. Forces sent to bring Retribution have gone silent. Ordos Hereticus has taken an interest in this threat as well as other forces of the Imperium. Command elite members of the “Emperor’s Will” to subdue this blasphemous intruder. Death to the Heretic! Death to the Xenos! Launch Boarding Torpedoes!….the “Emperor’s Justice” must prevail! This will be a 28mm narrative miniatures assault into mayhem vs. the GM featuring 3D modeled Hulk passages and rooms.

As the players explored the Hulk implementing a “Contain and Annihilate” strategy they encountered a series of missions they needed to execute:

1.  Secure and initiate communications at the Vox Tower Control Panel
2.  Relieve a Sisters of Battle Squad under attack
3.  Disable Savior Pods at the “Savior Pod” Control Panel
Encounter – Severely damaged Dreadnought from a previous incursion
4.  Escort an Adeptus Mechanicus Tech Priest to Medical to retrieve a Genestealer specimen sample
Encounter – Dead Terminator protecting the Missile Launch Room Key
5.  Using the recovered Missile Control Room key disable an impending launch of Genestealer infections
6.  Destroy egg clusters in a Brood Chamber adjacent to the Missile Control Room


Deathwatch disembark from their Boarding Torpedo

After disembarking from the Boarding Torpedo the squad advances on the Vox Tower Control Room

Genestealers swarming to defend the Vox Communications Tower

Brother Garran Branatar starts the mayhem with a Flamer Attack!

More Genestealers converge to defend the Vox Control Tower

Having used a flamer to melt a path across an iced over walkway…Genestealers stand in the way….

Genestealers guard the Vox Communications Control Room

After securing Vox Communications the squad is informed they must relieve a squad of “Sisters of Battle” trying to disable the Savior Pods

Genestealers and their “Blip” advance to the attack

The “Savior Pod” control panel needs to be destroyed!

“Sisters of Battle” engage Genestealers attempting to escape using “Savior Pods”

Genestealers pour from a Vent Tower

On the way to relieve the

On the way to relieve the “Sisters of Battle” an AMSS (Automated Munitions Supply Servitor) is encountered.  Loaded with explosive potential the Deathwatch decide to take it along with them.

A Techmarine stands guard in the Medicatum awaiting the Techpriest…. stasis generators protect each door access and a long dead Terminator stands vigil…..

At the center of the action an Adeptus Mechanicus Techpriest and his retinue advance upon the Medicatum

A long dead Terminator is found in the Medicatum…. Investigation reveals he has been guarding the Key to the Missile Launch Room

Adeptus Mechanicus and Tech Marine retire after retrieving a Genestealer tissue sample from the Medicatum

The Statue of Commissar Kominsky looks down on Deathwatch attacking across an iced over walkway

A plan is prepared…

Missiles laden with Genestealer broodlings prepare to launch

Deathwatch hurl krak grenades up on to the Missile Control Panel protected by a couple Genestealers….

While one group attacks the Missile Room several attack the Brood Chamber….. sending in the Automated Munitions Servitor to explode among the Hatchlings!  All required missions have been accomplished and the Deathwatch are recovered by the Strike Cruiser.


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Star Trek Scifi Crawl

Redshirt! – Doom on the Romulan Border

Doom on the Romulan Border was a miniatures/rpg game run at RECON 2015 in Orlando on April 24th and 25th.  The following post describes the construction technique used to create the layout of Outpost 27.  The game features Starfarer figures from “Victory Force”, Security/Medical Servitor Droids from “Bombshell Miniatures”, Scientists and Romulans from “Crooked Dice” as well as Doom Invader figures from both Fantasy Flight “DOOM” games.

Game Description:

A “Distress Call” reaches the Enterprise from Outpost 27 located in contested space on the Romulan border.  Kirk and Spock take the Galileo planet-side to investigate and find themselves confronted by creatures from another dimension.  With Scotty in Command Romulans uncloak, surround the Enterprise and make demands.  Losing contact with the Captain Scotty orders you and your fellow Redshirts to beam down, contain the threat and effect a rescue.  Calculating your chances of survival you enter the Transporter Room…..Good Luck!


What’s not said at the outset is that Outpost 27 was built around an old abandoned Romulan base.  The Romulans fearing that the Federation will tamper with the “DOOM” portal they disabled long ago they sent a Science Team planet-side to insure complete destruction.  The Romulan Science team has been captured and is located somewhere on the Outpost.  Separated from their BFG the landing party needs to rescue the Romulans, recover their BFG, destroy the spawning portal, terminate as many DOOM invaders as they can and rescue the Captain’s party.  Hopefully dying in epic fashion along the way.








The following materials and components were used.  Overall the project was very, very cheap and easy to construct.  It is modular so fits in two large plastic storage boxes and weighs practically nothing.  The most expensive parts were the Hirst Arts molds I used which are not necessary but add Sci-Fi flavor.

  • Black/Black Core Foam Core board
  • White pencil for the floor panel lines
  • White core and black core matt board
  • Plaster castings from Hirst Arts – Sci fi molds
  • Various scrap booking papers – plain, corrugated and metallic
  • Spray Glue, Super Glue, Hot Glue and Wood Glue
  • Acrylic paints of various colors
  • Bamboo skewers for piping
  • Sewing Pins to hold the sections together while gluing
  • Photo paper prints of internet images and constructed images (control interfaces)
  • Cardstock for sliding door panels
  • Scrap plastic sheet or old hotel room access cards for component templates
  • Plastic plants for greenery
  • Polyfil for smoke, steam and fire (mounted on washers)
  • Floral wire (inserted into plastic “Spaghetti” (see below) to shape it
  • Children’s Crafts: “Spaghetti” for power cables and Perler Beads for pipe fittings
  • Christmas ornament and LED twinkling lights for the plasma reactor
  • Sheet plastic packaging for blood spots and radioactive goop
  • Granny Grate for torn up floor panels
  • Dress snaps for valve controls

Corridor and Room Dimensions                                                            

  • Floors:  Grid of 1 1/2 inches with a 5/16″ border
  • Walls:  Height 3″ by multiples of 1 1/2″ in length

Rules Used:   I used mPlayerSheetodified Decipher Games Star Trek RPG rules employing 2d6 to resolve tests.  These proved fairly decent as it delivers bell curve results.  In addition I asked players to roll 2 Fate/Fudge dice to create RPG “cinematic” effects in addition to success or failure results.  Though not in the original game I also added a fear modifier to represent fear increasing as Invaders got closer to the Redshirts.  Using the QRS at left folded in half provided a handy player aid that allowed players to track wounds along the edge using a small binder clip (see below).  As with the video game Redshirts who died returned, spawning out of sight of the Landing Party on the next turn.  This promoted heroic action and an appropriate amount of Redshirt casualties.  Players were allowed to tackle the mission any way they chose as the layout did not promote a railroad approach to solution.  Players were allowed to, and in fact did decide to split up in some cases or stay behind in key areas to remotely assist those that continued on using Outpost computer systems in Engineering or the Operations Center.

IMG_1539 All equipment that players started with or found along the way was written on a “sale price tag” attached to a binder ring.  Equipment that was used up or lost was given to me or could be traded between players eliminating the need for pencil notations of any kind.   IMG_1523


Crawl furniture consisted of removable door panels, barrels, crates, sacks, barrels, storage containers, blood spatters, broken floor grates smoke/steam, toxic goos of various kinds, chairs, and fallen debris.  Of course Tribbles were included as bad things just don’t like them.  The vertical ladders were mad of construction staples and paper clips.

IMG_1548The bad guys are from Fantasy Flight’s “Doom” games limited to figures representing the Archvile, Hell Knight, Mancubus, Cherub, Vagary with Trites, Cacodemon and of course the Cyberdemon himself as Boss.  Players had to find the BFG brought by the Romulans as it was the only way to “off” the Cyberdemon.  Some plastic  DnD figures were also used.

IMG_1553Special guest stars included the Romulan Science Officer and his team as well as Security and Medical Servitors.

The Galileo was an AMT model kit built stock with no modifications (it is a bit different than it turned out in the TOS series).  Spock rigs a force field around the shuttle that was made from a plastic salad bowl.

IMG_1542Corridors, rooms and intersections were constructed of readily available black-core Foamcore.  The floor is gridded out using a white pencil with connection fittings penciled in as well.  Hirst Arts castings and buttresses were painted and applied to the side walls to give some interest.  Red matt board base trim visually separates the floor from the side walls. IMG_1526

Doors (imaged twice and folded to make one door) were sandwiched between two pieces of black-core matt board and easily slide in and out.  A transparent piece of plastic was sandwiched and glued between the door folds to provide viewports as show.  End pieces that had corridor continuations simply ended as shown and butt up against other corridor sections.


The Bio Science Lab contains planted areas, animal cages and animal containment cells.  Trites emerge from a floor grate while Vagary watches on to attack the Redshirts and a Science Officer.

IMG_1514                     IMG_1511                      IMG_1518

Other Images….








Everyone had lots of fun… myself included.  The game ran 3 separate times during the convention with the Redshirts accomplishing their goals before time ran out though each group took different routes and used different tactics to rescue the Captain.

“Space Vixen” makes very nice looking Klingons…….

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