Command Post
Below is an example of using Command Posts to keep track of figure stats throughout the course of a game session.  Quite simple, the concept is to drill a hole in your base, position a length of wire  about 2 bead segments high and superglue it into place.  Various colors of beads are available on the market that can be used to represent any kind of stat your figure needs to be marked with.  Should your figure suffer a morale loss a bead of the appropriate color can be slipped into place.  None for good, yellow for shaken and perhaps black for routing.  Another bead can represent any other statistic you wish.  Perhaps your game figure might suffer a number of wounds before it is "dead."  By using a variety of colors wound levels can be easily tracked; red - one wound, blue - 2 wounds, green - 3 wounds.  There really is no limit to what you might want to track.  Should you need to track more stats, simply insert another prong in an opposite corner. 

No longer do you need to move a pile of marker chits, pipe cleaner segments or other symbolic objects trailing around behind your figures.  Secured to the figure your marker beads quite happily move along as you move your figure.  Need to change a status, just remove the offending bead and place the correct one in it's place. 

Should the bright colors offend the eye, paint them suitable drab colors that might better blend in with your terrain.
Several Samurai figures with a variety of markers, meaningless in this case and simply for demonstration.

Posts are best positioned in one of the rear corners for easy reach during play, but can be positioned in any corner as shown.
Command Post used in a game such as Johnny Reb.  In this case only one post is needed per regiment to show status.  This might show the Regiment is Shaken and has taken casualties.
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