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Samurai Battle
This game was run at the Tactical Edge game store, located at
90 Spirit Lake Road
Winter Haven, Fl
Game Description:
6 player game each with about 12 figures or so.  The scenario was set up for each pair of opposing players to have an opposing goal.  Each player only  knew what their specific objectives were.

The board was built using the Terrain System concept located on my Homepage.  Roads and rivers were rendered in chalk and trees were pined to styrofoam sheets below the gamecloth.  Buildings were all scratch built.

Samurai cross the stream.
Gate to the HidikoTemple.
Baggage Train Passes thru the Temple Gate.
Samurai converge on the Temple.
The Ares miniatures rules worked well and flowed as quickly as could be expected with about 75+ figures on the board.  The game lasted about 4 hours and came to a decisive end with a winner determinded for each group of opposing players.  Players were allowed to communicate with each other if they wanted to and came into close proximity.  Players entered the game area from the opposing corners and center of the long side of the game area. 
Scenario Objectives:
Diochi Kata Samurai Captain of Lord Kiotachi
The Monks of Hidiko are getting petulant and disrespectful.  Tribute is on it's way to the Temple from local faithfull followers.  Wodachi has been sent by his Lord Kiotachi to intercept the gold and send the Monks a lesson.  Obediance is expected and failure is not an option.
Sadaka Toshi Ronin Leader
The prize awaits.  Sadaka and his Ronin are determined to capture offerings the monks of Hidiko have gathered this season.  Though protected by an escort Sadaka is desparate to feed his men.  Unsuccessful at plundering so far their luck may have changed.  His men will not be his followers long if he is not successfull soon..
Kioshi Matsuto Temple Monk
The crops have been harvested from outlying farms.  The season has been good. Rumor has it the local Daimyo will pressure the Temple of Hidiko to support him in his next campaign.  Kioshi's goal is to deliver the collected harvest to the Temple safely.
Woodachi Rikuchi Rival Daimyo Henchman
A local Daimyo has sent Woodachi to raid the Monks of Hidiko Temple to supply his  next campaign.  The Monks have not cooperated so far so a little show of force may be required.  Respect is crucial to the Daimyo's prestige and the mission is clear.
Lord Tada Kiwachi Samurai Lord
Having heard of the beauty and fragrance of the Hidiko Temple Cherry Tree blossoms Tada has vowed to gather some blossoms to present to his Lady for her birthday.  A small band of loyal Samurai are his only escort.
Oda Fishura Samurai Captain of Lord Kiotachi
Not entirely happy with his misssion Oda Fishura has been sent to destroy the Upstart Lord Kiwachi.  Why Kiawachi is headed to Hidiko Temple Oda does not know.  All he knows is if he does not return with Tada's topknot his family, held hostage will parish.
Special thanks to Kevin Smith for his work in providing a Samurai Force list to work from in pointing out the troops.  Both sides had approximately 760 points each.
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